Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Day

OK First real day here.....
It was 88 degrees at 2pm.
It's 6:48pm and....
I've drove the entire island end to end.
Found a place to live (2 bdrm brand new w/ W/D, my own balcony, furnished and Turquoise... the building that is... on the second floor)... Did I mention it's BRAND NEW!!!
Did a REAL SHITTY spin class...and apparently they are ALL like that (GOD HELP ME). Think I'll BUY a bike... or jusr bag it and swim early every morning
Walked 3 1/2 miles on 7 mile beach (before 7am)
Watched people fish with hand lines on a fabulous dock while I ate Chicken Paté and plum sauce and play with the stingrays...see below...
Checked out the store I'm going to work in (Georgetown is seriously touristy)
Saw seriously good looking people
Saw seriously FAT people
Wow and that was only PART of the day!!!
Think it's time for alcohol
Smooches to all

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