Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Context of the Man of my Dreams

The man of my dreams must be attractive to me! I am not as concerned about what his looks or color are. I will know he is amazing just by looking into his eyes. They will have an effect like none other. Like he can see into your very soul with just a glance. It will be instantaneous!
He will be elegant, suave and debonair. He will be quite fine to look at (In other words a FABULOUS body).

He will have the wisdom of ages and the strength of a god. He will be kind, gentle and loving and know how to touch and when to touch. He will have a mischievous side to him. He will love to tickle, tease and play. He will be an amazing lover with the knowledge of women rivaling that of the consorts of India.

He will not be afraid to share himself, cry or laugh at the smallest of things. He will not be afraid to say what is on his mind, to listen and to understand. He will love to cuddle, stroke my hair and just hold me for the sake of being close.

He will be patient, passionate and generous. He will love surprises and bringing me small gifts me like flowers, jewelry, all from his heart.

He’ll love children and how they are whether he has them or not. But he will not need children to make him “a man”

He will love to spend the entire day in bed watching old movies or making love, or being out exploring the city, window shopping, taking in tea/coffee or just sitting on a park bench watching the day go by.

He will love ballets, concerts and operas as well as festivals and museum openings. His library will rival mine and his knowledge will be diverse and eclectic. He will love to take walks. He will be a fabulous cook. He will be organized, clean and efficient in his house. He will be fashionable and have and eye for beauty in his home.

He will love to dream, walk on the beach, play tag or sit naked in a thunderstorm feeling the rain wash his body clean. He will love to wash my back in the bath. He will love to wake up to the sound of birds, watch the sunset and look for the green flash as the sun sizzles on the horizon.

He will love to travel, see the world and want homes in more than one country. He will love art, be culturally literate and know about the world and environmental issues. He will be extraordinarily generous and kind and love life, for life.

From watching a garden grow on a sunny afternoon to sailing on a yacht in a storm, taking a drive around the neighborhood on a rainy day, listening to a fire crackle on a warm summer night under the stars to exploring the Amazon to digging for relics in a jungle. Life is an adventure to be explored.

This is who will be in my life.
A Renaissance Man.

ps. this is only the beginning....there is more..
addendum to…… The man of my dreams will be quite athletic, love the ocean, being in, on, under, over or around it. He will love everything from a hard core day of sailing in 40 knot winds with the gunnels down and running, running the tender around and checking out all the cool homes on the shore. Exploring Europe to taking a canoe up a remote Amazon river to see some ancient ruins. Snorkeling, fishing (all kinds), camping, rock climbing, hiking, walking, outrigger canoe paddling, surfing, kayaking, rafting, Bungee jumping…nude….. This also includes the quiet days at anchor, watching the sun set across the horizon as the sails are pulled in and the motor fired up, listening to the waves crash on the beach as the hot dogs roast on the fire. Sitting by a fire drinking a hot toddy while it rains outside.
Life is an adventure to be discovered. There are too many things to do and places to go to stay home all the time. Been there… done that!!!

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