Friday, February 27, 2009

Allegra's journey begins

Sitting by a window in a room, in a stone castle, far away from civilization, Allegra sat and pondered her predicament. What she had been taught now comes to light. Through all this time her disciplines have brought her to this one moment. This one point in time when Allegra knew she would discover her inner fears, her inner desires, everything she was. Everything she had trained for all her life was waiting for her in this one moment. Was she ready for this?

Closing her eyes, Allegra began to clear her mind. Before she lost all her thoughts, Allegra wondered, would he notice she was there? Would he sense her mind entering his? Would he understand the connection? What if he rejected her? So many questions raced through Allegra’s mind. For a moment there was a confusion of thoughts racing around her mind, calling her to not do this. All the thoughts that raced in she began to shut out one by one, until all that was left was a dark dense emptiness. Then Allegra focused all her energy inward towards a doorway in the distance down a long dark hallway. This was her place of sanctuary, where she could go and no one could touch her. Once through the door, Allegra was safe from any harm or prying thoughts. It was her sanctuary from the women of the order, from the ancients, from the universe. The wall she had constructed around this place was impenetrable. As Allegra moved through the door and it shut behind her, a new sense entered her mind. One of knowledge. One of peace through that knowledge. She was on the right path. This was to be her doorway to what she had prepared for all her life.

Allegra turned and walked back out the door, down the hallway and re-entered her consciousness. She opened her eyes refreshed and ready for her next journey. All concerns gone, all thoughts on the task ahead of her.

Slowly and deliberately she began preparing. Unrolling her fur in the center of the room, Allegra knelt and carefully placed it exactly on the four corners marked as North, South, East and West. Each side had to touch exactly so. Overhead a skylight cast a subtle glow over the room. This was her entrance window. It allowed her to escape her earthly bonds and float towards the heavens free. It anchored her life strand to earth and guided her home when the time was right. It was her hold on this earth, to her life. Without it she could become lost and die, her soul wandering forever among the skies, alone and without form.

Next Allegra stood lit four candles and placed them on each of the corners of her fur. These would aid her in her quest. They would enlighten her and give her strength to follow through. Each candle held the power of direction. The directions together created a whole. With out all four elements Allegra’s ceremony was incomplete and would fail. If one blew out she would veer off course and again could be lost forever.

Allegra had been meticulously taught this ceremony by her grandmother. Every step taken one at a time and memorized. Alone and with out guidance from her grandmother, Allegra now understood the depth which being so precise meant. If she erred in the slightest she might be catapulted to another realm and not find her way home.

Standing Allegra withdrew and stripped off her clothes. She anointed her body with perfumed oils mixed to enhance her trance. She pulled her hair into a twist and walked into the circle. With one final glance out the window across the room, Allegra sank to her knees, closed her eyes and raised her arms to the sky, palms outstretched upward...

Allegra mind began to close off the outside world and enter a state of calm. Blackness enveloped her mind. A nothingness that began her path. She knew this feeling well and navigated through it with ease. Allegra sang her songs and chanted to the four corners. Turning to each as she gave thanks and prayers. She could feel the heat of the candles against her naked body. As Allegra chanted, she felt her body falling back into an opalescent glow. It felt as though she was lying down now, yet she was still on her knees.

She entered the glow, felt it encircle her body. She became the glow. It entered into her mind and suddenly she could see outside her room. Allegra was floating over her kneeling body. Watching herself chant and move rhythmically to the sound of the chant. She looked at her body and it was transparent. A haze in the light cast from the moon through the window of her room. Allegra turned her gaze away and felt her body move through the window in the ceiling. A tiny silver string emanated from her foot. This was her life line to earth. Allegra had never seen this before. She was amazed by its beauty. So tiny and yet so powerful. She looked back and watched her body recede in the distance as she traveled farther up into the night sky. She soared above the world at incredible speeds.

Looking down, Allegra could sense the ancients following her, watching her progress. Knowing her quest and approving her approach into their realm. She knew she was entering an area of unknown for her. This was her first journey alone. She knew the beginning to this quest would lead to certain ends. Was she prepared for this? Questions entered her mind. The emptiness began to fill with concern.

Suddenly she felt her body being pulled downwards. Back towards the window in the ceiling. Back to her physical body. Flailing against the downward pull, she knew she wasn’t concentrating and focused her mind again on her task. Once again her mind became blank and released again to float free Allegra sped upwards.

What beauty she gazed upon. Far above the world in another realm Allegra took note of how free she felt. How alive she was. For a time Allegra forgot why she entered this dream state. From the far recesses of her mind Allegra heard her grandmother’s voice,” Allegra my darling, you must continue on your quest. Do not be detained by this realm. It will make you forget. Remember your disciplines. Remember the reason you came here. Remember what it is you are searching for.” Allegra could hear her grandmother's voice very clearly now. Her voice was quite persistent in her mind. She had allowed herself to wander as she had been warned not to do. “If you wander in this realm, it will make you forget and you can become lost”

Her grandmother’s words came again and were a focus point for Allegra to return to her task at hand. Her quest for another consciousness. The one that invaded her dreams. The one she knew she had to find from the moment she became aware. Her quest for this being who was her other half. Where was this person? This being of like mind.

In the distance a faint glow began to emanate from the land far below. Without a thought Allegra focused on this spot and was drawn there. Suddenly and without warning she felt a presence. He was there, Allegra could feel him entering her mind, moving though her body, exploring her, and completely enveloping her. She struggled, and tried to push him out of her mind. He seemed as curious about her as she was about him. Slowly, calming herself, Allegra allowed him to enter her mind. She knew he was the one.

A beginning...more will follow

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