Friday, February 27, 2009

Paths,... just a bit

To begin the sense of feeling one attains when eyes meet for the first time. The intake of breath, the prickle on the back of the neck, the cold air as it runs across the hair on your arms. This sense is like the anticipation of the first kiss, of the tenderness a mother feels for her child as she nurses for the first time. This sense is one a husband feels for his wife as she glides down the isle on their wedding day. It is a doorway opening to a distant path beyond.

What lies beyond this doorway? What steps must be taken to reach the goals at the end? Where will it take me? Questions asked are questions answered. Follow this path and only you will know the truths that are yours at the end. Follow this path and only you will experience the passions along your way. Follow this path and what will be, will be for you in the end. It is a destiny to follow. A thread in the tapestry of your life. Undulating with mixed ideas, decisions and fears.

You control this thread. The only part not under your control is its length. This is decided at inception. This and ONLY this is unchangeable. For once your length is set it cannot change, but all else is transmutable. Once on this path your eyes must be aware of obstacles and opportunities. Unsightly is the most opportune instances that will arise if you narrow your vision to only that which is ahead of you. Watch in silence. Wait with compassion. Visualize in peace. Know with confidence and decide with ability. These attributes will aide you on your path and guide you in times of blindness and turmoil.

Close your eyes and walk with the assurance of your path. Know without knowing. Follow without stepping. Guide without control.

The basics of true enlightenment will find you when you need them most. Recognizing them will be your responsibility. Having the strength, fortitude and abilities to see where not seen is the depth and age of your soul. Understanding achieved through this will be peace of mind for the turmoil of everyday tasks.

Walking along a path brings great thought. What, why, where, how? These are all thoughts to ponder. What am I doing? What caused me to choose this path? What am I thinking? What are the obstacles I will face?

Why am I doing this? Why was I chosen for this? Why am I here? Why do I subject myself to this? Why?

Where am I going? Where will I end up? Where does this lead? Where is this path?

How did I get here? How am I going to make it? How will I know? How do I start? How do I finish?

All these questions and more come to mind while walking a path to enlightenment. To answer these questions you must remember a very basic rule... All questions asked of yourself can be answered by yourself.

Why? Well... you tell me...

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